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CCC Exemption Authentication

2006-6-16: Import Vehicle into China for Personal Use

To clarify many inquiries about importing vehicle into China for personal use, here is the answer:

The vehicle imported into China must be certified by CCC certificate. If the vehicle has no CCC mark on it, and the importer qualifies the CCC-exempted condition provided by Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on Nov. 21, 2005 as below, the importer can apply for CCC Exemption Authentication to waive the CCC requirement for the vehicle. Otherwise, the importer must either have the vehicle certified by CCC certificate or import the vehicle having the CCC mark on it.

2005-12-5: According to Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on Nov. 21, 2005:

To further clarify the CCC-exempted condition: "Self-use commodities taken by people entering the country;" in No. 3 Announcement by CNCA on Mar. 3th, 2005, by following the related notification from CNCA and AQSIQ, Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau informs that the imported automobile or motorcycle qualified this condition is the tariff-exempted passenger car (Class M) when imported, including the vehicle brought from other countries by the Chinese diplomatic agents or the people returning back China when having completed their studies in foreign countries. The automobiles or motorcycles imported by enterprises or persons in name of self-use, if not tariff-exempted, do not qualify the above CCC-exempted condition, and must be certified by CCC certificate or follow the requirements of CCC Special Treatment Procedures.

CNCA released No. 20 Announcement on Aug. 10th, 2005 to stipulate the CCC waiver in further for the products imported in small volumn without CCC mark but covered by the CCC catalogue.

  • For the product covered by the CCC catalogue and not qualified any qualification conditions listed in the No. 3 Announcement by CNCA on Mar. 3rd, 2005, the entry-exit authorities should advise to have it returned and not allowed to have it imported if without going through the special treatments.
  • If the product in small volumn covered by the CCC catalogue did not get CCC mark really due to special reasons or in special purposes, and the product will be used in production or life consumption, it could go through the "Special Treatment Procedures for the Imported Products Covered by the Compulsory Product Certificate Catalogue". After the product passes the tests in the "Special Treatment Procedures", it could be imported to be used by end-user or sold in the regions specified in the application.

Here is a brief table* listing the products and volumns allowed in the Special Treatment:

Product Catalogue Volumn
Electrical Products Up to 1200
Safe Glass for Building Up to 0
Safe Glass for Car Use Up to 50
Vehicle Tire Up to 100
Motorcycle Up to 20
Motorcycle Engine Up to 50
Fire Fighting Truck Up to 10
Car Seatbelt Up to 50
Vehicle Up to 20
Medical X-Ray Equipment Up to 2
Knapsack Sprayer Up to 20
Intrusion Detector Up to 10
Burglar Alarm Controller Up to 2
Theftproof Coffer/Case Up to 5
Electrocardiograph Up to 5
Porcelain Brick/Ceramic Tile Up to 200 m2
Others may be up to 0

*This table is just a brief list, NOT a complete one. Different regulations may be applied on different products and the sampling test is required. For further details, please contact us.

According to the No. 3 Announcement by CNCA on Mar. 3rd, 2005, the No. 8 Announcement on 2002 has been voided and new CCC Exemption Regulations applied as followings:

1. Some products are not required the CCC certificate:

  1. Self-use commodities taken by diplomatic agents of foreign embassies and international organizations;
  2. Self-use commodities taken by agents of Hong Kong and Macau governmental agencies resided in China mainland;
  3. Self-use commodities taken by people entering the country;
  4. Commodities as gifts or aids among governments.

The products qualified any condition above, if covered by the CCC catalogue, are not necessary to pass through the CCC certification, and also not necessary to be marked with CCC certificates.

2. The products qualified for CCC Waiver (or CCC Exemption Authentication):

    1. products imported for scientific research and test purposes;
    2. product parts imported for technology examination and production line introduction;
    3. products imported for end users' repair service directly;
    4. equipments/parts imported necessary to form a manufacturing production line, but the office equipments excluded;
    5. products imported for commercial exhibits only, not for selling;
    6. products imported temporarily and will be returned and shipped out of China, including the products for exhibitions;
    7. product parts imported in the regular trading method but for the purpose to export the whole system;
    8. product parts imported in the way of processing materials supplied by clients but for the purpose to export the whole system.

If product is qualified the CCC exemption, the manufacturer, importer, dealer or agent can contact us to apply for the CCC Exemption Authentication, and submit the materials, like proof documents for qualifying exemption conditions, letter of responsibility guarantee, assertion of product conformance (including model test report), etc., to get approval of the Compulsory Product Certificate Exemption Authentication.

3. What Materials are required by CCC Exemption Authentication Application?

1. Documents can prove the product is qualified for the CCC waiver, e.g. copy of domestic-trade or foreign-trade contract; copy of incoming material manual, formal invoice and packing slip.
2. Copy of business license of applicant
3. Brief introduction, detailed office address, phone number and fax of the applicant
4. Brief introduction of foreign manufacturer for importing products
5. The product's specification, model, trademark, assertion of product conformance (which can be the product's other certificates)
6. The arrival harbor
7. Letter of Responsibility Guarantee and CCC Exemption Authentication Application Form with the applicant's official stamps.

The effective processing days will be 3 or 5 business days after all required documents are received.

4. If one of following conditions happened, a penalty will be applied:

  1. The product covered by the CCC catalogue does not qualify any conditions aforementioned but it's sold, imported or used in the sales activities with the excuse that it's not required by the CCC certificate;
  2. The product covered by the CCC catalogue does qualify the conditions aforementioned but it's sold, imported or used in the sales activities without a valid CCC waiver;
  3. The application materials had been falsified in the purpose to get a CCC waiver;
  4. The CCC waiver is not used in the original application purpose.

5. The No. 3 Announcement by CNCA on Mar. 3rd, 2005 began effective on April 1st, 2005. At the same time, the No. 8 Announcement on 2002 has been voided.

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