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Home >AQSIQ >Registration of Overseas Supplier of Imported Scrap Materials

AQSIQ Registration of Overseas Supplier of Imported Scrap Materials

1. Registration Needed for Overseas Suppliers of Scrap Material Imports

Implementation Details of the Registration Scheme Concerning Overseas Suppliers of Waste Material Imports, promulgated and implemented by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), make it mandatory for foreign enterprises, including those in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, which export waste material to the mainland to apply for registration with AQSIQ. Those which fail to obtain registration will not be allowed to export waste material to China, nor will their requests for inspection and quarantine be accepted by the departments concerned. This new rule is believed to ensure that imported wastes will comply with the environmental protection standards as well as other mandatory requirements and technical regulations of the state.
The following are the prerequisites for overseas companies wishing to apply for registration according to the implementation details:

  • The company is in legal in the country or region where it is located;
  • The company has a permanent office or processing workplace and its business is of a considerable scale;
  • The company should be familiar with the laws and regulations concerning environmental protection technology in China, and the associated environmental protection standards; it must also be equipped with the necessary facilities and inspection capabilities;
  • The company should implement quality assurance or environmental quality administration systems, such as ISO1400 certification, or provide corresponding accreditation certification;
  • The company must have a relatively stable supply source over which it exercises environmental protection quality control measures;
  • No major safety, hygienic and environmental protection quality problems have been found in the company in the past three years.

After pre-evaluation, applicants found to comply with the requirements will be continued and enter into the evaluation step. AQSIQ will then form an evaluatoin group to assess the applicants.

2. The category list of scrap materials and their HS codes:

CategoryHS Codes
Smelting Slugs26190000.00
Bone Waste05069011.10
Scrap Wood44013000.00
Scrap paper47071000.00
Textile Waste52021000.00
Scrap Metal72041000.00
Scrap Hardware, Scrap Electrical Appliances and Scrap Cable72044900.20
Scrap Plastic39151000.00

Note: If the HS code of your product is in this list, you are required to register in AQSIQ as scrap supplier.

3. Applicant enterprise needs to submit all following 17 kinds of paper documents:

1."Registration of Overseas Supplier Enterprises of Imported Scrap Materials" Application Form;
2.Coples of applicant enterprise's business registration documents;
3.Documents and/or certificates describing the environmental protection quality system the applicant enterprise abides by;
4.Documents explaining the basic supplying sources and the relative measures used by the applicant enterprise and supplying source to control environmental quality;
5.Relative certificates and documents describing the situations of the safety, hygienic, environmental protection, and quality of the scrap materials exported by the applicant enterprise into China in the past three years;
6.Applicant enterprise's organization structure, departments and employees task responsibilities;
7.A letter to AQSIQ that the applicant enterprise promises to obey the technical regulations on environmental protection, relative environmental protection control standards and other related regulations in China;
8.Materials about the applicant enterprise's permanent office and manufacturing sites (like floor plans).
9.Documents and relative proofs describing the category, quantity and environmental quality of the materials supplied by the applicant enterprise.
10.Documents describing the applicant enterprise's quality control management system (including hazardous wastes, carried/contminated wastes control and disposition of discarded wastes) and the situations of relevant technology employees;
11.Documents describing raw materials inspection and acceptance system of the applicant enterprise;
12.Documents describing the measurement system and equipment calibration system of the applicant enterprise;
13.Documents describing the regulations for how to control the rejected products in the applicant enterprise;
14.Documents describing employee training programs of the applicant enterprise;
15.A letter to AQSIQ that the applicant enterprise promises for the cargos' environmental quality control, including the promise of the environmental quality control on supplying sources and suppliers;
16.A letter to AQSIQ that the applicant enterprise promises to pay any associated costs for the treatment of cargos disqualified for environmental protection regulations;
17.Contents of related Chinese environmental protection control standards on imported scrap materials, catalogues of hazardous waste materials and catalogues of the products prohibited to be imported.

Note: All documents must be in Chinese or in Chinese/Foreign Language bilingual version. The official seal and legal owner's signature of the applicant enterprise must be born on every document. Photocoies are invalid.

4. If any one of following situations happened, the registration application will be denied:

1.The submitted materials do not comply with aforementioned requirements;
2.The submitted materials are false or falsifiedl;
3.the waste materials imported into China within recent three years by the supplier did not conform to the environmental protection control standards, and the supplier is responsible after investigation;
4.The improted waste materials are falsified to include with hazardous or forbidden cargos, or are found out as fraud and the supploier is responsible after investigation;
5.The imported waste materials are required to be returned due to disqualify the environmental inspection, and the supplier causes severe impacts because of indolent return;
6.The supplier causes severe impacts because of abandoning unqualified cargos;
7.The supplier changes the harbor to import again those returned unqualified cargos;
8.The pre-shipment inspection certificate is faked;
9.The import scale is too small to guarantee the quality of cargos;
10.Other situations do not conform with requirements announced by AQSIQ.  

5. Registration Evaluation and Approval:

Within 30 days after receiving the registration application materials in paper format, AQSIQ will make the decision whether or not to accept the application:

  • If qualifies all requirements after investigation, AQSIQ will issue and send out the "Receipt Notice of Oversea Suppliers of Waste Materials Import Registration Application";
  • If disqualifies after investigation, the applicant will be notices to revise within 30 days. If no revision made after due day, the application will be cancelled;
  • If disqualifies th No.115 Announcements from AQSIQ and the requirements of evaluation, the application will be denied and the applicant will be noticed.

After AQSIQ issues the "Receipt Notice of Oversea Suppliers of Waste Materials Import Registration Application", auditors will be organized to evaluate the oversea supplier. The evaluation will consist of two parts; document evaluation and on-site evaluation, to certify the integrity and authenticity of the application materials. The validity of the supplier's inner management and quality control measurements will be investigated and verified; the capability of guaranteeing the imported materials conforming to Chinese environmental protection control standards and regulations will be measured and evaluated as well.

6. Follow-up Administration:

1. The registration certificate will be valid for three years. The applicant could apply to AQSIQ for renewal at least three months before its expiration date.

  • If the oversea supplier has any change in its registration information, like owner or address change, the supplier must notify AQSIQ within three months.
2.If any one of following situations happened to the registered oversea supplier, AQSIQ may suspend the supplier's import declaration, or even cancel the supplier's registration. If the supplier's registration is cancelled by AQSIQ, AQSIQ will not accept its application within three years;
  • Any violation of chinese laws, rules and regulations associated to waste materials import;
  • Any violation of the aforementioned 10 regulations about registration application denial;
  • ONe disqualification happened during the safety, hygienic or environments inspection conducted by the custion inspection and quarantinue authorities, and causes severe consequence, and oversea supplier is responsible after investigation;
  • Any documents has been altered or fabricated; or any other frauds;
  • Supplier didn't report to AQSIQ in time if any important change on supplier's registration information;
  • Registration certificate or registration number was transferred to other companies for use;
  • Any violation of other regulations.
3.AQSIQ or its authorized organizations should take care of the regular supervision management after the oversea suppliers receive the registration certificate. The authorized organizations should report the supervision management situations to AQSIQ.

The content of regular supervision management includes;
  • Scheduled or nonscheduled random inspection to the imported cargos by the registered suppliers;
  • Inspection to the registered suppliers to check if any violations of the regulations;
  • Sen the inspection feedback on the imported cargos by the custom inspection and quarantine authorities to the registered suppliers in time;
  • If registered supplier violates the aforementioned regulation after investigation, should put forward the opinion to suspend or cancel the supplier's registration to AQSIQ;
  • Supervise the registered suppliers to return the unqualified cargos.

7. Renewing Registration:

1.From 2007-7-1, AQSIQ starts to accept the application to renew Registration of Overseas Supplier of Imported Scrap Materials. The registered oversea supplier can apply to AQSIQ for renewal within three to six months before its expiration date. Those registrations without renewal application will expire automatically after expiration date.

2.To apply for renewing registration, the supplier needs to submit following documents in paper;
  • "Rigistration of Overseas Supplier Enterprises of Imported Scrap Materials" Application Form;
  • Copies of supplier's business and/or tax registration documents;
  • Floor plans of permanent office and manufacturing sites, photos (more than three) and/or videos showing these sites in real vies;
  • Copy of original "Registration Certificate";
  • Explanations basically describing the categories, quantities, weights, pre-shipment inspection rates, arrival inspection and quarantine rate, major exporting ports, arrival ports of the scrap materials exported by the supplier into China in recent three years; if no export of registered scrap materials into China, the reason must be provided. Copies of pre-shipment inspection certificates and/or imported scrap materials inspection and quarantine clearance certificates of each year (at least one per year per category).
3.If supplier violated one of those situations as listed in 6.2, AQSIQ will not renew its registration.

4.Application for renewal can be submitted on the AQSIQ's official website electronically, and the paper documents must be submitted to AQSIQ within 15 days after online submission.

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