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Followings are CCC's procedures, and CQC has similar procedures as CCC. For each product, the procedures may be almost same, and only vary in some details, like the required application documents, the number of sample products, etc. Contact us if you have any question. Here is a flow chart of the CCC procedures.

1. Initial Consultation

At first, you can contact us your intent for CCC application and explain what kind of product you have, what kind of certificate you plan to apply for, what's your product model and specifications, product sample and description. If you can provide us some pictures of the product, it would be very helpful for us. After we receive the information about your product, we will provide you the best certification plan, the requirements for the application documents and blueprints, and the estimated initial related expense. We will send you some documents like Application Form, Agency Authorization Notification to fill in.

2. Application

When we receive the Application Form and the Agency Authorization Notification signed and returned by you, we will create a case number and begin to process your application. We will also work out the Certification Agency Agreement to clarify the certification business terms and conditions and the responsibilities of each other. Meanwhile, you may prepare other materials and documents as required.

3. Agreement Signing

When you sign and return the Certification Agency Agreement to us, you may need to pay the cost indicated in the terms of the agreement as well. After we receive the signed agreement and the payment from you, we will assign a specialist to take care your case and contact with appropriate lab and engineers.

4. Technical Support (Optional)

According to your request, our specialist will explain the standards and safety requirement related to your product, arrange test of real situation and structure pretest, translate the Chinese documents into English, and so on.
The cost of technical supports may vary on the real situations.

5. Preparation for Test Submission

Our specialist will send you the feedback from the certification organization in time, and notify you any product sample requirement and cost required by test or retest, and all documents from the certification organization required to be signed by you , like application form of certification organization, structural parameters list, tracing service agreement, etc.
You should prepare well the product sample and the document materials, and send to us.

6. Test submission

Our specialist will turn in your product sample, document materials and payment to the corresponding certification organization or lab, and keep tracing the procedures of the case, send the feedback about test information to you until the case is closed.

7. Retest

If test comes out some rejection, you may need to rectify and improve the product sample and resend the sample to do the retest. Or, you can cancel this case, and reapply when it's mature enough.
We can provide opinions to help you for rectification and improvement.

8. Initial Factory Examination or Inspection before certificate issuance

After your case begun, the certification organization or designated inspection organization will come to your factory to do the initial factory examination or inspection before certificate issuance (except CE certificate), to investigate the factory test and manufacturing procedures qualifying the requirements or not. To pass this examination or inspection is the prerequisite for you to achieve the certificate.

9. Follow-up services (Optional)

After the certification case is close, we can provide a series of annual services based on your requirement, like certificate mark purchase, translation of incoming, outgoing mails and documents, payment service, revised pages replacement, application change, etc.

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