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Other China Import Regulatory Services

We provide other China import regulatory services to expedite your pace into China market, expand your sale and increase your profit.

1. Chinese GB Standards:

China National Standard, or called GB(Guobiao) Standard, is a set of mandatory and recommended standards regulated by SAC (Standardization Administration of China). Each GB Standard has a GB Standard number followed by the year when it's issued. For example, GB8410-1994 was issued on 1994, but was replaced by GB8410-2006 which was issued on 2006. The newer version of GB Standard normally includes quite a lot of changes. So, please make sure the GB Standards you have are latest versions.

We provide latest Chinese GB (Guobiao) Standards both in Chinese and English version. The quality of our translation service is ensured by our senior professional engineers on their knowledge of your specific subject area. Every translation is guaranteed to be consistent and of the highest quality. Contact us with the GB Standard number or title you have interest in.

2. China RoHS Certificate:

China MII (Ministry of Information Industry) has announced China RoHS Regulations on 2006-2-28 and these regulations will be effective from 2007-3-1. China RoHS covers quite a lot of electronic information products. If your product is covered by China RoHS, you will need to make sure your product has complied with China RoHS Regulations before being imported into China. We can certify your products with China RoHS Regulations and issue CQC RoHS Certificate.

Contact us for a quote price of China RoHS certification for your product.

3. China Food Packaging Regulations:

The labelling, packaging and container of food imported into China is required to comply with corresponding China GB Standards. The food importer is required to report the packaging and container of food to CIQ when import into China. The labelling of food will be inspected by CIQ when import into China. Email us with your questions on China Food Packaging Regulations.

4. China SFDA Regulations:

China SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration) regulates the imported medical device registration, drug/health food registration, pharmaceutical packaging, etc. Email us with your questions on China SFDA Regulations.

5. China MII Regulations:

China MII also regulates the network access license for telecommunication products and SRRC license for radio frequency (RF) and satellite products. Contact us if you have questions on China MII regulations.

6. China SARFT Regulations:

China SARFT (State Administration of Radio Film and Television) regulates the network access license and CAS/SMS certificate for television and radio broadcasting products. Contact us if you have questions on China SARFT regulations.

7. China CRCC Certificate:

China CRCC (China Railways Product Certification Center) regulates the CRCC certificate for railway and locomotive products. Contact us if you have questions on China CRCC certificates.

8. China MPS and CCCF Regulations:

  • China MPS (Ministry of Public Security) regulates the sales permit of computer information system security hardware and software products.
  • Besides the fire products in CCC catalogue, CCCF (China Certification Center for Fire products) also regulates the pattern approvals of other fire products, like fire extinguishing agent, fire extinguisher, fire-proof door, fire hydrant, fire nozzle, fire coupling, fire emergency lamp, gas detect & alarm equipment and fire-proof materials, etc.

Contact us if you have questions on China MPS and CCCF regulations.

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