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Home > AQSIQ > Registration of Overseas Supplier of Imported Cotton

AQSIQ Registration of Overseas Supplier of Imported Cotton

According to the No. 87 Announcement, in order to enhance the imported cotton inspection and quarantine supervision and administration, prevent the trade from deceptive practices (e.g. shoddy cotton, adulteration in imported cotton, etc.), ensure the quality of imported cotton, AQSIQ decided to implement the registration administration of the oversea cotton supplier enterprises exporting cotton to China mainland in accordance with the provisions of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Import and Export Commodity Inspection and its implementation rules.

From 2008-9-15, AQSIQ starts to accept the oversea supplier enterprises' applications for registration.
  1). The supplier enterprise applying for registration shall satisfy the following conditions:
  1. It shall be a legitimate enterprise in its own country (region);
  2. It shall have permanent operation location and shall have a considerable operation scale;
  3. It shall have relatively stable sources of supply and have quality control measures for the cargo supplied;
  4. It shall have familiarity with the relative regulations and requirements of China's imported cotton inspection and quarantine;
  5. It shall have no record of being involved in any serious quality problems, carrying hazardous substances and leading to severe consequence in the cotton trading business of past year.

  2). When applying to AQSIQ for registration, the supplier enterprise shall submit the following written materials in Chinese or English/Chinese bilingual version:
  1. Application Form for Registration of Overseas Supplier Enterprises of Imported Cotton;
  2. Valid and legal business registration documents (or copies);
  3. Basic documents about the production/operation and quality control of the supplier enterprise;
  4. Other relevant materials required by AQSIQ.

  3).For the application materials found complying with the requirements through examination, AQSIQ will accept the application for registration and notify the supplier enterprise.For the applicant required to supplement relevant documents, AQSIQ will notify the applicant once in application will be considered as withdrawal.

  4).Within two monthes, AQSIQ will set up an evaluating team to evaluate the accepted application documents of the supplier enterprises. If necessary, AQSIQ will organize the auditors to the supplier enterprise for on-site evaluation. The on-site evaluation covers processing capability, quality control and managements, testing ability, packaging and storage management, etc.

  5).For those complying with the specified requirements through evaluations, AQSIQ will grant the registration and issue the registration certificate, announcement will be published periodically. Those failed to meet the requirements will not be granted the registration and issue the registration certificate, announcement will be published periodically. Those failed to meet the requirements will not be granted the registration and may reapply after 2 months.

  6).Validity of registration certificate will be 3 years. Applicant can submit the certificate renewal application 3 monthes before the expiration. If the registration documents of the supplier enterprise have any change during validity, the enterprise can submit application for registration change.

Form 2009-3-15, the consignedd of the cotton imported form the registered oversea supplier enterprise shall provide the registration certificate (copy) of the oversea supplier enterprise to the entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments, and the inspection can be carried out at the destination port of the cargo.

For the cotton imported from oversea supplier enterprise not registered, the consignee shall stipulate the pre-shipment inspection terms in the trading contract, and the pre-shipment inspection shall be carried out by the inspection organizations complying with requirements and designated by inspection and quarantine departments or AQSIQ. Basic situations of the supplier enterprise and the cargo qualification unpacking inspection will be carried out by the inspection and quarantine departments on site when cargo arrives at the port of entry.

AQSIQ will implement the quality credit rating administration on the oversea supplier enterprises. Based on the actual arrived cargo quality and the contract executing situations, the hierarchized list will be used in the quality credit rating for the oversea supplier enterprises of imported cotton, and the credit rating, supervision and administration will be carried out in accordance with relevant regulations.

The registration administration of cotton supplier enterprises of Hong Kong. Macau, and Taiwan will be executed by following this announcement.

Contact us if you have any question or want to apply for AQSIQ Registration of Overseas Supplier of Imported Cotton.

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